Messa Masquerade Ball

Masks from the the Messa Masquerade Ball that party goers wore. (Concordiensis | Caitlin Williams)

On Jan. 30, 2016, Messa House hosted their first ever Masquerade Ball, and as far as the Messa House Council is concerned the event was a great success for the minerva.

The event was conceived and orchestrated by Messa Council freshman representatives Abigail Marin ’19, along with freshman representatives Victoria Carter ’19, and Sara Taha ’19.

“I just wanted to do something fun and interesting for the Minerva and thought a masquerade would be a classy touch,” said Marin.

Many of the attendees of the event enjoyed the wide array of snacks that were available for grabs, such as Brandon Dempsey ’19 who remarked, “this event is lit.”

Masks were provided to attendees on behalf of Messa House and came in the colors of green, gold and silver. Some students chose to attend the event in formal attire, while others chose a more casual approach.

The night continued with students being able to interact with each other in an open atmosphere and enjoy their time in an event that is funded by the Minerva program.

The Minerva program in essence has been doing its best to provide several new options when it comes to event planning and the approach has definitely been to engage the student body in these events.

Such as Green House’s Talent Show competition that was on Jan. 29, 2016. Several more events are scheduled for this term and if you ever need to find out what’s next amongst the seven Minervas on campus you can always check the Minerva bulletin board that’s located in the front entrance of Reamer Student Center near the mailroom.



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