Josh Julian brings a new style of music to Union’s campus


Born in Lincoln, MA, Josh Julian ‘19 came to Union with the intention of being an economics major, but he decided that he could also bring a new style of music that is lacking around campus at the same time.

Julian described his methods for finding unique music, stating, “I never liked the mainstream — I love things that sound experimental and I’m always looking for new and unique sounds.” As Julian was growing up, his father would tell him stories of how he worked at a record store in Ithaca, NY while attending Cornell University.

While his father worked at that record store, he met bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Grohl and other notable musicians and bands that visited Cornell.

Julian’s dad introduced to him to these classic records at an early age and he became extremely interested in the music.

As Julian listened to this music, he began wondering about talents that haven’t been discovered yet. This was actually something that Julian’s grandfather loved to do when he was a radio show host during the Korean War.

Julian’s passion for music has led him to support underground music, which he believes should be more well-known in the general public.

Artists like milo, J Dilla (from the album ‘Donuts’) and Injury Reserve, are some names you probably never heard of, but to Julian they are just as big as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift or Justin Timberlake. “Artists like J Dilla and Death Grips are the real inspirations to music today,” said Julian.

You can see Julian jamming in the WRUC radio stations on his radio show “JJ’s Jams,” which airs on Tuesdays from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. on 89.7 FM. The show is Julian’s tribute to his grandfather during his time as a radio host.

Julian is planning on starting a Hip Hop Music Club with fellow underground music supporter Miles Bigelow ’19. When asked about the progress of the club, Miles commented “It’s going down.”

Julian hopes to become an entrepreneur within the music industry and also intends to become a professor of music at an accredited college later on his life.

Be sure to catch his radio show on the time listed in this article, and Julian recommends watching Whatever Dude by Injury Reserve, when you have the time.

Julian also recommends Anderson Paak whenever you need to raise some morale. According to Julian, he is a true ladies man.



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