Union foodie finds fun eats


Are you an up-and-coming foodie looking to jump on the newest cuisine? Look no further than our very own Schenectady community. Plenty of new restaurants have popped up; all within reasonable travelling distance from Union, and all with Instagram-worthy dishes.

1Blaze. If you haven’t been yet, you should definitely Blaze it. Basically the Chipotle of pizza, at Blaze, you can get everything and anything on your pizza. Offering standard toppings such as basil, mozzarella and fresh tomatoes, Blaze also offers more unique toppings, like arugula and a variety of oils, meats and artisanal cheeses. Need some topping advice? “Always get two different cheeses! The fresh mozzarella is the best, but I always get Parmesan. Also the spicy sauce is like fire,” said Ankoor Talwar ’18. Blaze even offers gluten free crust for all of you Celiacs out there!

2Firestone 151. Formerly a tire warehouse, Firestone 151 has been completely renovated and transformed into the perfect place for a craft beer, classy glass of wine and a burger or slice of pizza. “It’s a really great bar and grill to hang out with friends on the weekend” said Liz Murad ’16. Firestone 151 often has live music, giving the restaurant a pleasant atmosphere. The menu is highly customizable, allowing for endless complimentary drink and food combinations. Featuring mostly pub fare, the burgers, wings and pizzas can be prepared just about any way you like.

3Chez Nous. After a long-awaited grand opening, the new French restaurant, Chez Nous is finally here in Schenectady. Outside the establishment is a festive tree, decorated in red, white and blue lights in the design of the French flag. Designed to bring the culture and cuisine of the French countryside to Schenectady’s restaurant row, the owners of the restaurant decorated the interior of Chez Nous in French fabrics, antiques and authentic French artwork. The efforts that went into making the restaurant look great definitely paid off, and the same degree of quality is captured in their impressive, albeit expensive menu. One glance over the menu and it is clear that this is not your typical Friday night outing—this would be the place to bring your parents so they can pay for your $35 entrée. Though it is pricey, the quality of food is certainly guaranteed. “It was great quality food, but at the same time I feel as though they are attempting to give an appearance of higher class, and are not meeting that standard. It’s not necessarily a bad thing though, I would definitely recommend the food” said Max Lutze ’16.

4Innovo. Innovo Kitchen is sure to be a new favorite among Union students. Located closely in Latham, Innovo offers everything from traditional greasy bar food, such as wings and burgers, but also includes some eclectic dishes, perfect for aspiring and seasoned foodies alike, such as their Ahi Ahi salad and a Wild boar sloppy Joe. Offering her review, Kate Collins ’16 exclaimed, “The food at Innovo is just so good!” The restaurant also offers a Brunch menu for those lazy weekend mornings. While Perrecca’s is certainly a popular choice for Union students, Innovo’s Brunch menu offers even more, and is definitely worth a try. Brunch features a few crafted breakfast burgers, eggs Benedict and fritattas, a savory cheddar-bacon waffle and a unique Bloody Mary sandwich, comprised of two fried eggs, house bacon, tomato bread, Worcestire aioli, tomatoes, green chili jam and served with fries. Talk about a hangover cure.



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