Student inForum’d: Weekly Student Forum update

  • Happy New Year everyone! Since the beginning of the term, Student Forum has met twice, and we would like to officially welcome everyone back to Union with an update on what we have been working on lately.
  • First and foremost, congratulations to the Student Forum advisor Matt Milless on becoming a father over break! Forum wishes you nothing but the best in the journey that lies ahead of you.
  • New Title IX coordinator Melissa Kelly presented to Student Forum at our weekly meeting (1/11). After introductions, Melissa said that she wants to make sure that students have access to the resources and information they need in times of trouble. She hopes that students will feel comfortable coming to her and letting her help them, and Union will live up to new federal and state legislation. She’s a big proponent of involving students in education.
  • Update on campus life improvements: Currently, Student Forum is trying to improve and expand the trolley service and library hours. As of now, research into expanding the trolley route to State Street during the evenings on Thursday through Saturday is being looked into. Locations near State Street where the trolley would drop students off is still in discussion.
  • Additionally, Forum has been looking for a way to make late-night studying more convenient on campus. As of now, it would be most ideal to have a library that is open 24 hours, but as that is not possible, expansion of library hours by a few hours is the goal.
  • Vice President of Administration Stephanie DiGiorgio ’17 has recently announced that all campus clubs with constitutions predating 2013 will be required to rewrite their constitutions by the end of the term. Dates for information sessions for club leaders are Jan. 15 during common lunch and Jan. 20 at 5 p.m. Both information sessions will be held in Student Activities.
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  • Questions? Email Vice President of Campus Life Dominique Reed ’17 at, or message our Facebook page!


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