“Trick or Treat Yo’Self” with your fellow Residential Life Staff

Avery Novitch ’16 and Katelyn Billings ’16 holding their stuffed zombie bear, Aloysius, that they made together at the wellness fair. (Kim Bolduc | Concordiensis)

With the afternoon sun streaming through the stained-glass windows of the Nott, students flocked to “Trick or Treat Yo’self” this past Friday, and event hosted by the Office of Residential Life.

In addition to Resident Advisors and Residence Directors, other organizations on campus, such as the Becker Career Center, the Dean of First-Year Students Office, and Student Activities, manned tables to raise awareness of different aspects of health.

According to Joni-Rae Partridge ’17, Head Resident Advisor of Fox Hall, “Each Residential Advisor has a committee. This event was put on by the Wellness Committee with the purpose of promoting healthy living.”

Wellness Committee was also partly responsible for last year’s successful “Out of the Darkness” Walk, which aimed to promote mental health awareness. Gillian Henry ’17, a resident advisor of Richmond House, explained that “Wellness Committee always tries to do a campus-wide event.” This year, instead of focusing on one particular area of health, the Committee hoped to include a range of health-related issues.

In addition to tips on stress relief and regular exercise, the event highlighted other areas of health such as sexual health, alcohol safety, spiritual well being, nutrition, diversity and the importance of getting enough sleep.

“I think it’s good to promote different aspects of health by raising awareness,” said Kristy Carpenter, chair of the Wellness Committee and Residence Director of Richmond House.

“We’re glad we had a good turn out from across campus,” Kristy noted at the time. “Students seem to be having a lot of fun.” From making stress balls to stuffing zombie animals to engaging in impromptu Zumba lessons, students were encouraged to relax after a long week of schoolwork.

The most popular event by far was the making of zombie stuffed animals. Students had a choice of zombie bears or zombie rabbits.

Each zombie had a spider for a heart, wore an “I Heart Student Activities” T-shirt and had a spider in place of a heart.

With flu season coming, students could also get free flu shots courtesy of the Wicker Wellness Center. Treats such as candy and snacks rewarded students for their attendance.

After visiting a table with a particular theme, students were given raffle tickets, which could then be entered to win prizes ranging from flameless candles to Union sweatshirts.

Kate Schurick, Dean of First-Year students, was also raffling off a blanket to a lucky student.

With a general carnival-like atmosphere, the addition of free prizes and peppy residential advisors, the event served to remind students that taking time away from their studies to enjoy themselves and to take care of themselves is absolutely rewarding.


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