Student inForum’d: Weekly Student Forum update

  • THIS WEEK: Maximum Reamer Campus Center flier reduction to 5; Club status for SpoonU; gift card cap set to $100; Blackout Week recap.
  • Student Forum approved the recommendation from the Finance Committee to reduce the maximum number of fliers that can be put up in Reamer Campus Center from 10 to five per event. This policy change went in effect on Monday, Nov. 2. Student Activities will now only approve up to five fliers per event to be placed in Reamer Campus Center. The reason behind this is to increase visibility for the fliers that are up and make them more noticeable. This will also decrease clutter and save paper.
  • We are pleased to announce that last Wednesday, Oct. 28, Student Forum granted club status to SpoonU with a 10-week probationary period. We look forward to having another active club on campus.
  • The college has made a change to its policy regarding gift cards as rewards for events, which will stay in compliance with tax-exemption laws in New York state. The maximum dollar amount on a single gift card is now $100 and no participant may win more than $100. A club is free to give out up to $500 worth of non-cash prizes, but each participant can go home with a maximum of $500 in total winnings cash and non-cash.
  • The first Blackout Week, headed by the Black Student Union, ended Friday with a screening of a video that was shot throughout the week. The week was a spontaneous event meant to confront prevalent microaggressions against students of color on campus. Student Forum’s VP of Multicultural Affairs Mayte Martinez ’18 explained the week at the meeting and received feedback from other Forum members.
  • Student Forum has been discussing ideas on how to raise awareness for which clubs were active on campus. Ideas include a smaller, second club expo, a calendar of club events on Nexus, and the NOMO app spearheaded and administered by Union students. If you have any ideas, please email one of your three class officers.
  • The Panhellenic pumpkin painting event with Union faculty and kids on Greek Row this past Saturday was a success! Thank you to all the sorority sisters, new members and faculty who came out to show their sisterly and Union pride despite the cold!
  • Once again, we encourage students to stay informed of our progress and become more engaged in student governance and campus life. Student Forum meetings are held Wednesdays at (NEW TIME) 5:45 p.m. in Reamer 410. Meetings are open to the student body to listen in on.
  • Be sure to like Student Forum on Facebook at Union College Student Forum!
  • Questions? Email Dominique Reed ’17, VP of Campus Life, at, or message our Facebook page!


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