Fall fashion takes over the campus

A model at the fall New York Fashion Week walking a designer’s runway showing the fur trend of 2015. (Courtesy of wikipedia.com, Richard Chai)

With Halloweekend over and November upon us, it’s time to put away the cat costumes and superhero shirts and take out those cozy sweaters and fall fashion staples.

As the weather cools down in this colder part of the autumn season, the warmer fall styles such as skirts and lightweight sweaters just aren’t going to cut it. Below is a nice list of the top trends to keep you warm, but still with stylish flair.

  1. Rust, tan, and olive. These are the top colors for fall 2015, and it’s half because they look great with black and with plain jeans, but it’s also half because those colors are associated with a more expensive price.

Clothing items in these colors, particularly a rich tan or cognac, are associated with wealth and make your outfit look ten times classier as well. Look for a skirt, blouse, or a sweater dress in any of these colors.

  1. Seventies. The styles of the 1970s are back, but with a modern twist.

The loose hippie look is not what we’re going for, so ditch the soft flower-embroidered blouses that are perfect for spring, and opt for bell-sleeved, lace up front, and high neck blouses instead.

These blouses all look great when paired with a black skater skirt, high-waisted jeans, or if you’re feeling bold, a moto mini skirt.

Don’t forget a little element of subtle fringe to really give you that seventies vibe.

  1. Fur. I’ve been saying it for years, but suddenly now everyone is interested in fur vests.

Available in a wide variety of styles and types of fur (please go faux!) a fur vest immediately elevates an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

Just be careful that your vest doesn’t look too realistic, because looking like you just skinned an animal and went to class is really not the look we want. For an easy outfit, layer a shaggy fur vest over a buttoned up flannel, a blouse, a dress…pairing it with jeans and a plain long-sleeved shirt is more than acceptable, so long as you accessorize with a necklace or statement jewelry. Easy, breezy, beautiful, fur vests.

  1. Plaid. Tartan plaid is the pattern for fall fashion. A little bit schoolgirl chic, a little bit classically prep, a great deal of style.

Implement this trend into your own style through tartan skirts, scarves (the bigger the better!) even a good peacoat can really make an outfit special.

If you want to take it one step further, try shopping for a plaid sheath or shift dress, and wearing a black long sleeve shirt underneath. Wear with tights and ankle boots, and you are the mad plaid master.

  1. Tights. Paired with a perfect set of over-the-knee boots, tights add an element of sophistication to an outfit.

This combination was all over the runways at New York Fashion Week, and to channel your inner Gigi Hadid, you had best get to your nearest shoe store and stock up.

Tights with lace patterns, Swiss dots, or the line up the backs of the leg are very flattering and are quite the statement piece of an outfit.   Sure, you could wear that dress or skirt without them, but with them, you’ll really stand out.

  1. Victorian. No, not corsets, but the lace up styles. Some of the pieces that fall under the Victorian style label also can play on both teams and work for the 1970s trend as well.

Items with ruffles, high collars and lace all give a nod to the trends of centuries before our time. Look for dresses and blouses in deep colors, or in soft nudes to feel like a Jane Austen heroine in the 21st century.

Hopefully there are at least one or two trends on this list that you’ll be willing to try as we head into prime fall weather, and fashion.

Happy shopping!



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