Have you noticed? Study rooms renovated

Kim Bolduc I Concordiensis The new study spaces in the basement of the library feature variations in chair design and table heights.

The study rooms in the basement of the library often seemed like a timeless abyss where I lost track of whether the sun was still shining.

But notice the past tense: No longer are these rooms the slightly dingy, outdated workspaces they once were.

Now, these spaces are brightly colored and enhanced with many new seating options.

High and low tables surrounded by backed or backless chairs brighten up the space outside the study rooms, while personal tables, comfy stools and high chairs grace the study rooms themselves.

In addition, several rooms feature walls covered with whiteboard paint.

In the place of the old, bulky television sets are new, flatscreen televisions; some rooms even have impressive sound bars.

Speaking of technology, one study room has been turned into a film-editing room.

Considering how much these rooms are used, the updates are very worthwhile.

While it is rare to find these rooms unoccupied, be sure to check them out!


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