Finding natural remedies at Naturopathic Fair

Above, a woman receives a massage at the Saratoga Springs Holistic Healing and Spiritual Arts Expo on Saturday, Oct. 10. Below, a vendor at the expo sells natural goods, including makeup, bath and body products. (Courtesy of Christina Dykas)

On Homecoming Weekend, instead of taking the usual route of watching a hockey game or going on a hayride, Christina Dykas ’18 and her family went to the Saratoga Springs Holistic Healing and Spiritual Arts Expo last Saturday.

The expo was held at the Saratoga Springs City Center on Broadway. It had about 50 vendors, and it cost about $7 to get in. The idea behind the expo was for all local, natural, health businesses to share what they do with people.

At the expo there were a variety of businesses that included: mediums, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, natural makeup companies, natural food stores and psychics.

Dykas heard about the Saratoga Springs Holistic Healing and Spiritual Arts Expo from Facebook. “I am very interested in a healthy life style and natural health. I want to go to into naturopathic medicine or midwifery using herbal supplements instead of drugs. My ultimate goal would be to tie naturopathic medicine and midwifery together. I wanted to go to the fair because I wanted to know what else was out there. We don’t really have anything like this fair available on campus so I am trying to branch out and find other opportunities where I can learn more about my field,” explained Dykas.

Only a handful of schools in the United States offer degree programs in naturopathic medicine, making the options slim for those who are interested.

Dykas explained, “The whole idea of naturopathic medicine is to look at the person as whole, not just their illness. For example, if a patient came in with gastrointestinal problems, you would not just do bloodwork and look at their health history, but also look at what they eat and their overall lifestyle. You look for other solutions to cure people, such as with teas, altering diet and lifestyle and natural stimuli, but this is not to say that medicine should not be used. I still believe in modern medicine, but I think alternative things should be considered. Eastern medicine is much more open to these more natural herbs and our health care could improve upon using these natural medicines.”

Dykas and her family went to the expo on the morning of Saturday, Oct. 10, around 10 a.m. When they got to the fair, they explored almost every table to gain more knowledge about the field and its professional practice.

One of the more memorable tables that Dykas stopped at was the chiropractic table, where she had her posture and spine alignment analyzed. Other tables included: an Indian healer who gave Dykas a blessing; a card reading, which said that Dykas takes on too much in life and can overwhelm herself; and a makeup table that informed Dykas that there are more than 4,000 chemicals found in cosmetics that are banned in most of Europe and are not banned in the United States.

The last memorable table that Dykas visited was one for a tarot card reading. She recalled, “I got a little bit of a rough reading. The first two cards I pulled were death and dying. I have had a lot of death in my family recently, so it made sense that this would be my reading. However, there was a silver lining: The reading said that I had grown and learned a lot about myself through these experiences.”

Dykas said that she and her mother really enjoyed the expo and are both interested in nutrition. In fact, her mother is nutritionist for pregnant women.

Dykas’ father was reportedly a good sport about the expo and is also very interested in being healthy, since he is a physical education teacher.

Dykas explained, “I enjoyed the Saratoga Springs Holistic Healing and Spiritual Arts Expo. I wish more of the activities were free like the massages, medium readings and psychic readings. I felt all the information people provided was very helpful. The vendors were very friendly, but they didn’t push you to buy their products. It was a great event because I got to see how much was out there all at once. I never realized how much was in the Saratoga area before I went to this expo.”


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