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In today’s modern world, many designers emulate the popular trends evolving in and out of the fashion industry. Fashion has gone in an avant-garde direction and many strive for an individual edge.

On a regular basis, designers change their personal style. As a result, one may not recognize two collections by the same designer.

Change pushes a designer’s sense of creativity, but sometimes we forget about the classic styles that have shaped a woman’s perception of fashion. One designer that has always reinforced traditional beauty is Hermès.

In the Spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, all of the models wear classic ensembles. For this week, I styled my look off of its famous silk scarves. In several models’ looks, the designer incorporated patterns from their staple scarves. I chose pieces that will stay in style for years to come. When creating an outfit, stay simple because those items will make you look timeless.

Some designers avoid the contemporary movement by reinforcing traditional forms of fashion.

Courtesy of Cassie Howard
Courtesy of Cassie Howard
Courtesy of Cassie Howard
Courtesy of Cassie Howard

Luckily, women can look at Hermès as a classic brand that will never lose sight of its original style. For years they have designed scarves, bracelets, jackets and even saddles. Generally, Hermès attracts a professional clientele.

Women who shop at Hermès want a conservative look that is professional and classic. Aside from their outrageous prices, younger Fashionistas may find its brand too simple or uniform.

For my spring-inspired look, I created an outfit that would enhance the colors on my scarf. Traditionally, Hermès designs its clothing in subdued colors.

On the other hand, the brand goes wild with their accessories. As an example, it created a playful scarf in a geometric pattern.

The scarf has a combination of warm and cool tones, which makes it easy to pair with other pieces in my wardrobe.

I went crazy with the colors, but if you want a look based on the spring collection, find a shift dress in a nude or dark brown.

Shift dresses have simple silhouettes and one can never go wrong when replicating classic-wear. In addition, I wore leather booties, which gives the whole ensemble an equestrian feel.

As a side note, Hermès also bases their whole line off of equestrian wear. Regardless of the occasion, a Hermès scarf will make a huge difference in your outfit.

The scarves are perfect for both casual and formal wear. One can wear them with either jeans or a dress.

Depending on the day, the scarves can be converted into any look.





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