Easy, breezy, beautiful sundresses are the easiest trend yet


A cute sundress can make a Fashionista look flawless at any time of the day. Coming from someone who has an obsession with dresses, I never take them off during the spring and summer. They are a staple in college wardrobes, as many students attend a variety of events throughout the day.

Whether they have a formal, a presentation or just a lecture, students can save a lot of time by wearing a simple sundress. Instead of trekking across campus to change, why not pack a pair of wedges and a statement necklace? On many occasions, students have little time and by changing the accessories, the look will instantly change.

On a fine afternoon, this Fashionista wore a simple white dress from Brandy Melville. Since spring has just arrived, many designers use white as a major statement. The Fashionista’s dress gives her a fresh look and she continues the white trend with her white bralette.

The white bralette makes her stand out because she focuses on the back rather than the front of her dress. As of late, many brands have released dresses and shirts that have unique backing. Rather than concentrating on the front, make a statement by showing your back. One can easily achieve this by wearing a colored bralette with intertwining straps. In addition, this Fashionista adds a country flare with her short cowboy boots. Instead of wearing traditional cowboy boots, she modernizes the look by choosing ones with tassels. They give her boots extra texture, and add a cute Western flair.

When friends and classmates see me in a nice dress, they think I put in a lot of effort in the morning. On the contrary, sundresses are very easy and comfortable to slip on. A Fashionista can wear the same dress for various occasions. Many students hesitate wearing the same dress twice, but you should never forget the importance of accessorizing. Surprisingly, a jeweled necklace and a pair of earrings can make the dress look new again.

One simple change: After finishing class, a Fashionista can replace casual shoes with a pair of colored heels. Find a necklace or a headband to add a hint of sparkle. For makeup, she can wear a bold lip with a simple cat eye. Fortunately, she will only need five minutes to adjust her new look for a date or formal later that night. With the right accessories, simple sundresses can easily make the transition from day to night, all in a matter of minutes.

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