Need Advice? Never fear — the Dutchman is here!


Dear Dutchman,

The new spring weather has really thrown off my ability to keep myself on top of my work. I find myself outside playing Frisbee, just laying on the grass chatting with friends and walking around more than I hit the books now.

I have never had this problem before because my friends and I only hung out during the nighttime, giving me time to study during the day.

However, with the change in weather, my friends want to hang out more than just at night.

I don’t want to fall any further behind in my class work than I already have as result of the new distraction of nice weather. How do I get organized and keep my grades from falling this term?


Worried Freshman


Dear Worried Freshman,

Don’t fear, you are not alone in this! Many other first-years struggle with the same problem.

First, either buy a planner or use the Calendar app on your phone and add all your homework assignments, exam dates, essay dates and any other important activities.

Make sure to set or write reminders in for very important dates, such as midterm exams.

Utilize all your time wisely, which means don’t break for Netflix after class, and instead hit the books immediately. Always make sure to spend time with your friends, but find a good balance with your schoolwork.

If you are swamped with homework, don’t go and hang out with friends. Your friends will be there for you even if you can’t hang out for one day. Remember: balance, planning and organization are your keys to success.


The Dutchman


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