Interviewing University Innovation Fellow

Courtesy of Sean Farrell

I interviewed Sean Farrell ’17, who was recently named a University Innovation Fellow.

Q. How did you decide to apply?

A. I decided to apply because I have always been interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. I actually saw the invite for the application in an elevator!

Q. What is the University Innovation Fellowship?

A. The University Innovation Fellowship is a program that trains University students to make changes pertaining to entrepreneurship and innovation, at a grassroots level, on their campuses.      

Q. What was the training like after being accepted?

A. Training was quite extensive; it involved frequent online video conferences in which I collaborated with students across the country. We looked at our campuses in a general sense, and tried to find specific areas that could be enhanced regarding entrepreneurship and innovation.

Q. What was the Innovation Fellows Annual Meeetup like?

A. The annual meetup was great! We went to Google the first day. The next two days we went to Stanford University Design School where we learned how to organize ideas in a more efficient manner.

Q. Who supported you the most through this?

A. Hal Fried, Shane Cotter and Erika Nelson supported me the most through this endeavor.   

Q. What are your plans and goals with bringing your new knowledge from the the innovation to the campus?

A. My first goal is to set up a study abroad program in which about 10 students of all different majors head over to a third world country. They have to define the problem themselves and figure out an actual solution which will benefit the population in that location. I spoke to an alumni about this, and it actually may launch this upcoming fall.       

Q. What do you do in your free time or a fun fact about yourself?

A. I have been playing guitar for about 12 years now!      

Q. How did you feel when you got named an innovation fellow?

A. When I was named a University Innovation Fellow, I felt so excited because I have always wanted to get involved with something like this. I am just excited to apply what I learn from this experience to my future.


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