Eat, sleep, rave, repeat: On electric dance music culture


Spring break was relaxing for some, but for others it was filled with excitement and a type of music that is still growing in popularity — electric dance music.

Ultra, a 3-day music festival that occurs annually in Miami, Fla., was attended by many Union students over the spring break.

Ultra is the longest running festival in the world, having been around for 16 years. The interest in electric dance music is not limited to those who attend festivals like Ultra, but by many college students nationally.

Rebecca Cohen ’18 stated, “Electric dance music is currently the fastest growing genre in music. There are many subgenres of electric dance music including: house, deep house, trance, dubstep and big room house. In the past years there have only been three big festivals like Ultra, Tommorowland and Electric Daisy Carnival. Over the past few years many other festivals have emerged all over the world showing its growing predominance worldwide.” With electric dance music’s growing following comes many opinions on the music.

Meaghan Jain ’15 stated, “I dislike electric dance music because it gives me a headache over long periods of time, but I feel it has its place such as in workouts.”

However, Ian Bennet ’17 feels that “Electric dance music has a really positive message behind it with the upbeat music and good vibes that come from the music. It gets a lot of backlash from the public because it is different, but all music is different from each other.

“My view on festivals is that they are a wonderful thing. They may have their downsides, but the good vibes from the music, the feeling of togetherness and upbeat feelings from the people around you are what make the music and festivals a great experience.”

Many popular artists in the electric dance music genre are Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Nicky Romero, Skrillex, Diplo, Flume and Alesso.

Rebecca Cohen described Ultra: “[It was] an amazing experience to see them live because all the artists premiere their new music.”

Electric dance music has created a source of bonding for many people and has come to be a popular type of music.


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