A French take on Union ... j’adore
Olivier Truquet Olivier Truquet 18 hours ago

Courtesy of Olivier Truquet   First, a little bit of background: thanks to my good grade… Read More

#ADay4U reaches 1,337 donors and $962,000
Mujie Cui Mujie Cui 18 hours ago

In one 24-hour period,  #ADay4U reached a total of 1,337 donors, and challengers made gifts tota… Read More

Pi Chi week raises awareness about domestic violence and rape against women
Song My Hoang Song My Hoang 18 hours ago

Lambda Pi Chi held Pi Chi week from April 14 to April 19 to raise awareness about domestic viole… Read More

Book drive dinner held to raise money for Literacy New York
Matt Olson 18 hours ago

On Thursday, April 17, Kappa Alpha Society and Gamma Phi Beta co-hosted a dinner in Hale House to raise money for Literacy New York, a regional organization specializing in teaching underprivileged ad… Read More

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Comparison of modern human and Neanderthal skulls at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Neanderthals and humans interbred?

In the April 2014 issue of the scientific journal Genetics, a new method of genome analysis led to confidence that Neanderthals interbred with early humans, called Denisovans. These Denisovans are different from modern humans. Much like the Neanderthals, they died …→

The Dutchmen reveal success at bat against RPI this past week leading them to an overall record of 15-6-1 this spring season.

Baseball team continues winning ways

The Dutchmen baseball squad has found a great time to heat up. The team is currently has a 15-6-1 record with a 9-3-1 record in conference. Eight of the last 10 games have ended in victories, and four of those …→

Courtesy of Martina Glab

Union Hockey Parade

The Hindu Temple Society in Albany, N.Y.
Courtesy of Hindu Temple Society

Disregarding your comfort zone

Isn’t it fascinating how one, brief experience can have a long-lasting impact on you? As young adults, we’re constantly being thrown into new situations — situations that, little by little, teach us about ourselves. Last week I found myself driving …→

Samantha Muratori ’14 wins with an impressive score of 6-1, 6-0 against RPI last week.

First years shine on Union Tennis

This year, the Union Women’s Tennis team is showing constant improvement. In past years, records for the team have been satisfactory at most, with many losses in a tough league. Yet this year, with the addition of many new players, …→

The Ebola virus magnified several thousand times by an electron microscope.
Courtesy of dcclothesline.com

Deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa claims hundreds of lives

Another deadly strain of Ebola has broken out, this time in West Africa. This strain of Ebola started in Guinea in February, and has spread to Sierra Leone, Liberia and other neighboring areas. So far, at least 224 infections and …→

Courtesy of Drew McCalmont '16

Czech student explains homecountry’s Easter traditions

My name is Alena Štvánová and I am from Czech Republic.  My major in the Czech Republic is business management and human resources. Since this major does not exist at Union, I enjoy taking various courses to learn things outside …→

Ghosts of commencement

When the announcement was made that Dr. Deborah L. Birx would serve as the commencement speaker in 2014, it was met with a near universal shrug. It is not that Dr. Birx is not an outstanding contributor to the betterment …→